Inadvisable workspace

January 2011 I took up jewellery making classes, this isn’t a surprising thing for someone that takes up hobbies with crazy regularity but the choice is. I haven’t worn much in the way of jewellery even when I wore it at all in my teens but so far I love it. I get to use all sorts of interesting tools and processes and there is just something magical about heating up an object till the solder runs exactly where you want it, which doesn’t happen nearly enough for me but I’m still learning.

My makeshift work space on the dinning tableSo I started off in a lovely class with Clara Vichi Pheonix arts Brighton and learnt not to fear the blow torch and really to try things, and since I’m often an all or no thing kind of person I started purchasing tools and took over our small dinning table at home.

Now I’m taking classes with Laila Smith at Cross Street Workshop trying out annoying and fiddly things such as boxes and hinges and I’m enjoying it very much.

I also have an awesome new bench made by someone awesome, although currently it is rather dangerously situated under a bookshelf.


Current to do list

Buy a fire extinguisher for when I don’t burn the house down.