That B***dy Bracelet

After taking a break from classes and pottering about with some things I will post about another time I finally started classes again in January and I’ve been working on a bracelet for my mum. It is an open oval shape made from multiple wires sort of woven in and out over and under and soldered at each of these points. There is bad in progress picture below.

So I fairly regularly bite of more than I can chew dive in the deep end – or whatever is your preferred phrase. (I’d love to hear some more interesting ones since neither of those happen to me in a literal sense I hate swimming.) This part was tricky enough for me, I’ve not had much experience heating bigger objects and due to the woven shape had lots of difficulties getting both wires to the right heating point. Not to mention having them stay touching, enough solder and all the other pitfalls my inexperience puts in my path. Anyway I’ve got this far but now I’m adding granulation at various joins and it isn’t going so well, let’s say a 1 in 5 successful attempts. I claim some extenuating circumstances making me grumpy and hurting my shoulder but mostly I’m not being patient and methodical enough as per usual.

Despite all the irritation with it, the project is fun and I’ve learnt a lot of how not to do it things.

Current to do list

Get a proper torch setup for home so I can get more done on this outside of my classes.
Learn to take better photos.
Buy a fire extinguisher for when I don’t burn the house down. – done this one!