The motivation of being unmotivated?

I learnt something today about motivation. I’m not sure how useful it will be to me yet but I had always linked my levels of motivation to how I was feeling. If I’m a bit under the weather and unmotivated well that is to be expected.

I’ve just had two weeks of constant pain from what appears to be a trapped nerve somewhere in my shoulder or neck yet after arguably my lowest least motivated day (I was off work with exhaustion and pain) I woke up still in pain but all cheery and motivated to do EVERYTHING. I can’t say I’ve managed to concentrate or direct this over brimming motivation, between getting my blog going again and jewellery I’ve just pulled all the furniture out in the living room to chase down the dust bunnies with the hoover. It has lasted through pain, and in fact a hangover, for three days now and I have to acknowledge that how well I am feeling appears to have no effect on my levels of motivation.

What exactly does and how I can encourage being motivated is still a mystery but maybe it will help just knowing that being under the weather doesn’t automatically sap my motivation. I still manage to be motivated to devour a good book when I’m feeling unwell so maybe I just suppress it with this negative association. Who knows? But hey at least I’m motivated now and it certainly beats sulking and whinging about my stupid shoulder!

Of course nothing will save me if the cat decides I should be still and unmotivated.