Visit to the V&A

Now I wanted to go spend oodles of money at Hatton Gardens on tools and gems and anything else that caught my eye, but lucky for my bank balance (and probably my mum’s too!) they aren’t open at the weekends and we couldn’t quite arrange a weekday. So instead we made a trip up to the V&A to see the jewellery exhibition they have there. Of course this involved yummy lunch and a meandering wonder through silverware, I didn’t see any ‘no camera’ signs but I might have missed them in the bending over the cases in wonder. We definitely weren’t allowed to take any in the jewellery part but below are a couple of things I thought were awesome.

One is the top of a seal and the other a pomander both of which I guess are extinct and not exactly jewellery. I particularly love the idea of the pomander, sometimes I feel like I could use one in smelly situations.

Current to do list

Get a proper torch setup for home so I can get more done before classes restart.
Learn to take better photos, desperately!
Finish necklace in time for the wedding and start on new designs.