Productivity at last… maybe.

Check out my HabitRPG progress! It is isn’t exactly high but it is something.

So I’m fairly often unhappy with my level of productivity. I’m probably asking a lot from myself doing a full-time job and wanting to pile on the hobbies on top of that but I see people manage it with apparently a lot less fuss than me! I have tried some great reminder and to-do apps but something they generally lack is the feeling of accomplishment and reward for regularly doing things like exercise and jewellery work (especially the bits I can’t be bothered with like photos).

 So I’m trying out HabitRPG basically I’m trying to harness all those years of role playing computer games with the level ups and item rewards to get things done in my real life. It basically lets you have scheduled tasks (daily or certain days of the week) that you want to achieve, you gain experience points and gold if you do achieve them, you lose life if you don’t. I’m still at early days with it and one thing I don’t really like is that you can’t have weekly tasks that aren’t attached to a specific day but you can just have them as tasks that don’t kill you for not doing them but go angry orange and red colours.

So far it has been good, I’ve cycled to work again (I got out of shape and habit over Christmas with a nasty virus) and I’ve taken up yoga at home. It is really too early to say how much it will help my productivity but it is certainly interesting trying. My hope is that it will help me do more but also rebalance feedback about what I’m achieving; my memory seems to be quite short for what I get done and it is nice to see that generally you manage what you set out to do rather than focusing on those fewer times when you don’t.