So I’ve had a major hiatus from jewellery and therefore the blog and facebook page, first bit was pleurisy again, so rubbish! But shortly after I got pregnant which is amazing news followed by 3 months of puking and sleeping every hour I wasn’t at my fulltime job. I watched 12 weeks go by and then 15 waiting for that magic second trimester thing to happen and it was late. Around 18-19 weeks I got a sick a bit less, felt like sleeping a little less and now at 23 weeks I went to a jewellery class, on a weeknight, yes after a full day at work, like a normal human being!! Albeit one carrying a very kicky baby.

It is a wonderful experience when you have five minutes to enjoy it rather than the slog of work and feeling ill and now I can feel the baby kick that is exciting and weird. I think he’s starting to respond to sounds too as he annoyingly stops kicking when I’m talking (like suggesting my husband try and feel the kicks) and last night he started up kicking while I was hammering some silver. Maybe it was a bit loud?

Anyway I’m not sure how much I’ll get done between now and January but it is lovely to be making again right now.