Dish and granulation post earrings

These small dish earrings are some of my favourites you can wear them with anything. They are simple and each one is totally unique. One of the earliest techniques I fell in love with is granulation and the set of mine that I wear the most is a variation on this one.



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Really early on I got interested in making little granules, it was really nice to deliberately melt something and helped to teach me to spot the point where things are about to melt and avoid that when it wasn’t the plan. At least most of the time. The other thing that I absolutely love about this is how it looks. I really recommend anyone having a go at this. Whatever shape something starts off as it starts to glob up like a slow motion water drip on glass and then when it hits bright, bright molten red it spins making it round. Sometimes you can see odd dark patches too like a land mass on a planet. It is totally fascinating. Then your have all these lovely various sized granules to add to your designs. I will definitely try and capture it but I’m not sure I have a good enough zoom at the moment.

Additional information


Post earrings with sterling butterflies included.

Materials: Sterling Silver
Weight: 1.2g
Height: 11.7mm
Width: 11.7mm

Each item handmade these sizes are approximate.