A set of my own

So I finally got around to finishing a set for myself. This set has had quite an interesting journey to pieces that I wear myself now. I started with some post earrings that I liked but weren’t quite right for me because I prefer drops or dangly earrings.

Wooden Plugs Dish design

My sister liked them so I made my first set of plugs using wood. This wasn’t ideal since I know nothing about wood! The wonderful Martin turned some wood for me and I made extra long posts to fix the earrings into the plugs. I pinched a picture of these from my sister since I forgot to take one myself.

So then I worked on some drop versions of the earrings I wanted some movement still rather than attaching them to the post so I used little sterling beads that I soldered onto the back then forged the ends of the ear wires so that would wider than the whole at one end and bent the rest of the wire into a hook. I might well work on a fully dangly version at some point who knows.

The necklace has taken some time to develop as well. The original I designed was soldered onto chain which apparently you shouldn’t do as you will melt the chain but not knowing something occasionally helps! I liked how it came out but wearing it drove me mental because I kept finding it had turned around and was constantly touching it to check and turning it back round.

Original chain and post versions

What I like about this set is that every arrangement of the granules is completely unique so they are all subtlety different. And they are pretty discrete so good for every day wear although I don’t have much jewellery at the moment so I’ve been wearing them to weddings!

I think I might try and make mini ones to go on rings and see how that goes.