Setting up a part time business

As it might have been obvious I’m in the process of getting myself set up to sell some of my designs. This has been far more work than I thought it would be! Maybe I’ve been over thinking the whole thing but so far I’ve got some very important parts completed.

I’ve applied for registration with the London Assay office so I can get jewellery hallmarked. This is necessary when selling an items above certain weight threshold, 1 gram for gold, 7.78 grams for silver and 0.5 grams for platinum. I’ve sorted out some basic account spreadsheets for keeping track of income and expenses mainly for the tax man.

One was a pricing spreadsheet I got from a jeweler on Etsy. It was an eye opener; it made me fill in all sorts things I wouldn’t have taken account of as expenses as part of the cost of making something to sell and the figures I was getting out with some guesstimate were a little terrifying. I’ll have to actually time how long things take me and maybe give myself an hourly wage pay cut to make the prices more acceptable. Or just accept that I’m very expensive!

I’m also most of the way through making stock as the photos I’ve been adding will attest to so hopefully this will all be ready for a nice initial batch for hallmarking when that process is complete.

Current To Do List
Stop being so tired and get in that loft to make jewellery!
Start writing descriptions for etsy
Think about business cards, just a little bit

Pictures that make look more productive than I feel right now. Stupid vodka.