Shopping List

Getting all the tools for a home studio is expensive! But kind of awesome, I love buying tools so much. I’ve got a lot of the hand tools I need for what I make at home which has left me in the scary place of a wish list with nothing under £50!

Tools wish list

Little Smith Torch
Oxygen concentrator
Propane tank 3.9kg
Pendant Motor (a milbro or fordom I think)
Bench Grinder/Polisher

The first three at a torch setup that will allow me to work with larger pieces of metal and hopefully quickly enough not to get too much firescale! The pendant motor has a variable speed so it can go much slower than the dremel I’m borrowing and the smaller shaft end will make it easier to use. The bench grinder/polisher will be primarily for finishing although I wouldn’t mind using the grinder to alter some tools at some point, those aren’t as expensive but I’ve already spent far more than I expected starting up so it will have to wait.

I’m very lucky in that I was left some money by my wonderful Gran and she generally approved of crafts so I plan to use some of it to buy the torch setup but I also didn’t just want to give it to myself so I get to have it when my etsy shop goes live. This is starting to look like it might even be ready next month!