Collections: Russet Motes

So having finally put together my shop I started thinking about organising my designs into collections. Ii isn’t a huge requirement yet as there aren’t that many products on there but I have been working on developing ideas I’ve already visited making complimentary but not matching items. Also just for finding something it make sense to group them together both for me and for interested visitors to the site. The first collection name I’ve come up with (after a few revisions and help from mum) is Russet Motes, this is a collection of all the copper dot inlay designs that I have made and hope to sell. This also gives me the opportunity to post pictures of a piece I hadn’t managed to photograph yet. This square design with the wire and tube running through two sheets is something I have lots of ideas for and I hope to be finishing a new design in the series very soon. I’ve also tried taking a few photos with a paper background so it is all all go here in a rather alarmingly productive way.