Weekend of inspiration

So this weekend not only did I get to see my ever inspiring sister exhibit her work at the http://www.free-range.org.uk/ as well as many other graduates but I also got to wander around the New Designers week one show.

The pictures really don’t do her work justice but it was great to get a sense of them all at an exhibition.

There is a picture round up on this website¬†of New Designers Part One but I saw some particularly stunning stuff and I didn’t get cards for everyone but some of those that I did are below:

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Amy Ridyard Designs

Beautiful oak and copper sculptures and bracelets.

Melissa Yarlett Jewellery

The Spore collection is really beautiful and interesting, you can really see the influence of nature.

Vickie Pearce

These are super wearable and just simple elegance.


Chloe Michell Jewellery

I really liked the pebble series and these cute spheres with different colours inside.

Jocelyn He

A lovely mixture of paper and metal, the designs are so delicate.

Emma Habbeshon

Definitely one of my favourites in the show the morphology series is just stunning I love the cracks and the appealing spherical shapes.