New Year tidy up

So my wonderful husband and lovely mother teamed up to get me the most awesome present… the Strong 209A Jewellers Micro Motor System in order to fit this into my messy space a re-arrange (and therefore tidy-up) needed to happen. I am much busier these days and so this will hopefully mean more time making jewellery less time looking for the tools and supplies I need. The micro motor is going to be a massive help as so many of my pieces involve drilling I’m seriously excited to get started I don’t have drill bits for it yet so far I’ve tried a little with burrs, the foot pedal is taking some getting used to.

So basically here are some before and after pictures of my work space, I moved my vice to make space for the motor and I also made a very basic wire stand to hold my torch. The folder to hold my wire was inspired by this site but I happened upon a display booklet. At first I was worried that the wires would slip past the paper dividers but I got round this by using too very different thickness’s in the same sleeves so I can’t possibly mistake them for one another.

desk before

new desk setup

folder wire

pile of wire

This is as about as tidy as it ever gets O_O lofts are awesome.


Of course there are tons more ideas for easy access to tools that I want to pursue I’m busily filling up my pinterest workshop porn board.