Silver Birch: Necklace


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This texture is one of my favourites and you’ll see it return here and there on pieces. It reminds me a little of silver birch bark. The design is abstract and modern and this with the post earrings is the only set of mine I really wear at the moment.

They are light and easy to wear, I’m told they are also unusual enough to draw nice comments.


These came about in an unusual way. I was trying out various textures for my not-yet-husband. I ordered strips of silver in the right length of various thicknesses and textured them in different ways at an evening class. There is a hammer there that I covet I seriously want it, I’ve daydreamed about accidentally taking it home! I have since found a good match and with a grinder we made it even better but I’d swap for it any day. Anyway I brought this textured strip home hoping to finally have a texture and style the not-yet-and-at-this-rate-never-going-to-be-husband.

He wasn’t into it so I cut the wide band down the middle and created first earrings then this necklace from them. In fact I wore the earrings to my wedding.

Read the full story with pictures here.