Silver birch earrings and necklace

Let me tell you a story, once upon a time a man got drunk came home and proposed to a snotty, grotty, dressing gown wearing ill girlfriend. So romantic! She thought he wouldn’t remember in the morning and he was so embarrassed by her outraged response that he didn’t say anything the next day rather making her feel she was right. Anyway she proposed to him to get the mess sorted but all without rings or any of that stuff, pretty normal for these two. Anyway somewhere along the way she set out to forge the wedding rings.

No idea why I was writing in the third person there enough of that silliness now. I was trying out various textures for my not-yet-husband. We’d talked and looked at lots of rings and he had decided he wanted quite a lot of texture. I ordered strips of silver in the right length of various thicknesses and textured them in different ways at an evening class. There is a hammer there that I covet I seriously want it, I’ve daydreamed about accidentally taking it home! I have since found a good match and with a grinder we made it even better but I’d swap for it any day. Anyway I brought this textured strip home hoping to finally have a texture and style the not-yet-and-at-this-rate-never-going-to-be-husband.

He wasn’t into it.

He wasn’t into this or any of the textures I brought home much to my increasing irritation. This story does have a rather lovely end however, I cut the wide band down the middle and created first earrings then a necklace from them. In fact I wore the earrings to my wedding.

Since I’ve made a set for the fantastic Caroline Chandler and a couple more to list in the shop.