Erm so yeah…

So I set up my camera to catch some pictures of using the micromotor to send mum and on a whim I filmed these… They are basically bad live streams and certainly don’t make me look like an expert! I’m not sure I’d do any more as these are embarrassing to watch and any editing […]

New year new stuff new start

The last few months were a bit of a bust when it came to making jewellery, I was struggling with a trapped nerve in my neck and doing the physio to get back to health. Between the pain and the worry about it effecting my day job all my hobbies took a nose dive. As […]

Shopping List

Getting all the tools for a home studio is expensive! But kind of awesome, I love buying tools so much. I’ve got a lot of the hand tools I need for what I make at home which has left me in the scary place of a wish list with nothing under £50! Tools wish list […]