New Year tidy up

So my wonderful husband and lovely mother teamed up to get me the most awesome present… the Strong 209A Jewellers Micro Motor System in order to fit this into my messy space a re-arrange (and therefore tidy-up) needed to happen. I am much busier these days and so this will hopefully mean more time making jewellery less […]

Shopping List

Getting all the tools for a home studio is expensive! But kind of awesome, I love buying tools so much. I’ve got a lot of the hand tools I need for what I make at home which has left me in the scary place of a wish list with nothing under £50! Tools wish list […]

Buying a Camera

Shh don’t tell but… since I plan to get that etsy shop off the ground sometime in the next… well ever would be nice (it isn’t like I’ve been planning to do this since last year or anything), I decided in true money spending, procrastinating style, I must have a better camera. I’ve been reading […]