Weekend of inspiration

So this weekend not only did I get to see my ever inspiring sister exhibit her work at the http://www.free-range.org.uk/ as well as many other graduates but I also got to wander around the New Designers week one show. The pictures really don’t do her work justice but it was great to get a sense […]

Productivity at last… maybe.

Check out my HabitRPG progress!┬áIt is isn’t exactly high but it is something. So I’m fairly often unhappy with my level of productivity. I’m probably asking a lot from myself doing a full-time job and wanting to pile on the hobbies on top of that but I see people manage it with apparently a lot […]

New year new stuff new start

The last few months were a bit of a bust when it came to making jewellery, I was struggling with a trapped nerve in my neck and doing the physio to get back to health. Between the pain and the worry about it effecting my day job all my hobbies took a nose dive. As […]

Setting up a part time business

As it might have been obvious I’m in the process of getting myself set up to sell some of my designs. This has been far more work than I thought it would be! Maybe I’ve been over thinking the whole thing but so far I’ve got some very important parts completed. I’ve applied for registration […]

Tuesday nights at the bench

So my evening classes have finished till September and I have decided to use the same time each week for my own work at home starting tonight. At least sort of starting tonight since I am completely knackered from the wedding at the weekend with lots of alcohol, bad sleep and dancing on dodgy ankles […]

The motivation of being unmotivated?

I learnt something today about motivation. I’m not sure how useful it will be to me yet but I had always linked my levels of motivation to how I was feeling. If I’m a bit under the weather and unmotivated well that is to be expected. I’ve just had two weeks of constant pain from […]