Shopping List

Getting all the tools for a home studio is expensive! But kind of awesome, I love buying tools so much. I’ve got a lot of the hand tools I need for what I make at home which has left me in the scary place of a wish list with nothing under £50! Tools wish list […]

Setting up a part time business

As it might have been obvious I’m in the process of getting myself set up to sell some of my designs. This has been far more work than I thought it would be! Maybe I’ve been over thinking the whole thing but so far I’ve got some very important parts completed. I’ve applied for registration […]

A set of my own

So I finally got around to finishing a set for myself. This set has had quite an interesting journey to pieces that I wear myself now. I started with some post earrings that I liked but weren’t quite right for me because I prefer drops or dangly earrings. My sister liked them so I made […]

Visit to the V&A

Now I wanted to go spend oodles of money at Hatton Gardens on tools and gems and anything else that caught my eye, but lucky for my bank balance (and probably my mum’s too!) they aren’t open at the weekends and we couldn’t quite arrange a weekday. So instead we made a trip up to […]

The last pickle…

…hopefully. I am waiting on the what I hope will be the last pickle (a sort of warm acid bath that cleans off the solder gunk) of the bracelet. It seems to be taking way longer than it should. Once it is done I can see if my solder join was successful and begin cleaning […]

Dotty about copper

Early on in my first class I fell in love with the idea of mixing different metals, I particularly love the colour of copper but it doesn’t make very practical jewellery for everyone with that whole going green thing. So being generally over ambitious and foolhardy I decided to do a commission… for my mum. Ok […]