Stuff on the web

I recently started using Google alerts for all sorts of things, mostly work technology updates, but I also started using it for handmade jewellery and spotted a few interesting articles. Handmade jewellery pricing Courses on jewellery art appreciation

Wearable technology

This would really bring my two worlds together, IT and jewellery. If anyone has some wearable technology they want to wrap some jewellery around let me know!

Project: Weirdstone of Brisingamen

I got the most fantastic present from my sister to really get how fantastic it is here is a little background. When we were little girls (in all the senses) we both separately adored the book Weirdstone of Brisingamen,  it was given to us by our Mum and started both on a life long love […]

New year new stuff new start

The last few months were a bit of a bust when it came to making jewellery, I was struggling with a trapped nerve in my neck and doing the physio to get back to health. Between the pain and the worry about it effecting my day job all my hobbies took a nose dive. As […]

Shopping List

Getting all the tools for a home studio is expensive! But kind of awesome, I love buying tools so much. I’ve got a lot of the hand tools I need for what I make at home which has left me in the scary place of a wish list with nothing under £50! Tools wish list […]

Setting up a part time business

As it might have been obvious I’m in the process of getting myself set up to sell some of my designs. This has been far more work than I thought it would be! Maybe I’ve been over thinking the whole thing but so far I’ve got some very important parts completed. I’ve applied for registration […]

A set of my own

So I finally got around to finishing a set for myself. This set has had quite an interesting journey to pieces that I wear myself now. I started with some post earrings that I liked but weren’t quite right for me because I prefer drops or dangly earrings. My sister liked them so I made […]

Wedding Jewellery

So my mum got married a couple of weekends ago and I finished the bracelet in time to give it to her. (That was a massive weight off my shoulders!) The day was lovely, it was a joyous and fun ceremony with all their friends and family about. So much of their personalities shone through […]

Visit to the V&A

Now I wanted to go spend oodles of money at Hatton Gardens on tools and gems and anything else that caught my eye, but lucky for my bank balance (and probably my mum’s too!) they aren’t open at the weekends and we couldn’t quite arrange a weekday. So instead we made a trip up to […]

The last pickle…

…hopefully. I am waiting on the what I hope will be the last pickle (a sort of warm acid bath that cleans off the solder gunk) of the bracelet. It seems to be taking way longer than it should. Once it is done I can see if my solder join was successful and begin cleaning […]